Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Randomness

Worked my butt off (hopefully) last week at the gym!  This diet bet has really got me motivated!  Ran 25 miles last week!

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 7 miles @ 11:11 pace (long run I missed from the previous week)
Wednesday - 4 miles @ 10:44 pace
Thursday - 4 miles @ 10:41 pace
Friday - 2 miles of sprints at 7.5mph, 5 min StairMaster and 20 min of back and check strength training
Saturday - 8 miles @ 11:41 pace (This week's LSD - emphasis on SLOW).
Sunday - REST!!!

Rory's second Happy Gram for Feb!

"Rory is so sweet.  She really loves her friends because she loves holding hands, giving kisses and helping her friends whenever she has a chance.  What a great quality to already have :)"

On Wed Rory got to learn how to roller skate from a Real Roller Girl!  Rory got the hang of it pretty quickly.  She was able to skate a short distance holding on to the wall and even a couple steps with no support.  She fell a ton of course.  Half the time she laughed and half the time she cried.

Last session of gymnastics for the winter was Thursday.  We are going to enjoy a few weeks of no extracurricular activities before we decide what to do next.  This session of gymnastics was a ton of fun for Rors.  She's gotten really good at doing a forward roll.  Rory loves the trampoline but likes falling more then actually jumping so she still needs to hold the teacher's hands so she can get a few jumps in a row landing on her feet.  She also still wants me to hold her hand or support her when she walks on the balance beam but she is getting more and more confident.

Krista was in town and made us all the best stickers ever!

And now I am decorating my life with them!

I love these girls!  We had a great girls night Friday full of Thai food and Jelly Bellys!

A couple of shots from an amazing concert last night!

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  1. I love that handwritten note about what a great friend Rory is. That's something I would keep forever! And god job on your workouts!!!!!!!

    1. Thank You! The handwritten notes are amazing! Wait to see the next one, its hilarious. I'll probably post it Monday!