Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Randomness...

Rory's latest Happy Gram!  My favorite yet!

"Rory you never cease to amaze me.  Today we were reading Hop on Pop and while we were all seated listening to the story it came to the page "Red, Red" you stood up and said "I am a red head" and pointed to your peer and said "you are a black head."  Rory I had to giggle at you but I am proud that you rhyme so well.  We are so proud of you."

I am obsessed with spinach and onion scrambles these days.

Rory loves to put her hands up to her eyes like goggles and say "I see you"

These are amazing!

Saturday we made a pig!

and a sty for Piggy to live in.

And wore boots around the house.  They match her shirt quite well actually.

Rory got a new magic wand and wings that she is obsessed with.  She was moving too fast for me to get a decent photo.

Grocery shopping is hard work, so sometimes you have to take a nap on a box of mac and cheese.

Sunday I did a bunch of food prep for the week.  Normally I am way to lazy for this but I thought I would suck it up and forgo my nap.  I made Apricot breakfast bars, baked chicken and quinoa, cut up veggies and made a spinach and dill yogurt dip for them.

My lunch for the week!

Sunday after nap we went to the indoor playground.  We get to go to an outdoor one really soon right!?!

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  1. You are so on top of things with your meal prep, shopping, and spinach omelet. Good job girl! I love the notes Rory's teacher writes!!!! They are almost as cute as she is