Friday, March 14, 2014

Rory @ 30 Months

Rory will be 2 and a half on Friday.  I can't believe it.  She is such a fun, sweet, amazing, smart, funny kid.  I love to be around her and spend time with her.  She makes me laugh and smile every single day.  I love to watch her grow and learn new things.  It truly is amazing how much you can love one human being.  I tell her all the time that she is my Favoritest Person in the Whole Wide World but that doesn't even begin to express it.  

I wanted to capture who Rory is right now so I broke it down below.  This captures everything from big milestones to little everyday things but I want to remember exactly what Rory is like right now.  

Growth and Appearance:

You are a big solid kid.  The size of a 3.5 year old with the feet of a 2 year old.  Your hair is long and thick and red.  We try to put it in a ponytail everyday but it falls out before you even get to school.  Your getting better about crying when we put your hair up, I’d say you only cry about 50% of the time now.  The other 50% of the time you say “Mommy be more gentle.”  Your hair is red but much lighter then mommy and daddy.  Everywhere we go people compliment you on how pretty your hair is.  

You are wearing a size 4T but about to grow out of it into a 4/5.  I have bought you a few pieces of clothing from the Kids (vs toddlers) section at Gap at they fit you perfect.  Your new sparkly shoes that you picked out are a size 7.

You have super sensitive itchy skin.  We put special lotion on it twice a day so that you don’t get eczema.  You always want to help put the lotion on.

You get sick a lot still.  When you do get sick your asthma acts up and you have to use your nebulizer (albuterol).  You will now ask for it when you need it and also know when it is done.  


You love to eat.  When asked what you would like you always want Mac and Cheese.  You also love cheeseburger, blueberries, strawberries, bananas and bread.  You’ve gotten really good with a fork and spoon but will sometimes still choose to use your hands because it’s faster.  They are working with you at school to eat your food slower because you are always the first to finish.  Almost every single day you come home with 'Ate Everything' checked across the board on your sheet. 

Going to restaurants with you is fun.  You prefer to sit in a booster instead of a high chair. You will sit the whole meal without getting up.  Sometimes you get a little upset when we are waiting for our food but usually we can distract you with coloring.

You are great at trying new things.  You like salmon and quinoa and bleu cheese.


Your bedtime is 7:30/8:00 but you will often talk or sing for an hour before you actually fall asleep.  Every night before bed we ask you what the rules are and you recite them to us: “No Talking, No Singing, No Crying, No Getting out of bed.  Stay in Bed till the light is green”

You found a white blanket in the basement and insist that its your baby blanket (even though it is not) and now sleep with it every night.  Watermelon blanket (which is your baby blanket) has been cast aside.  Lately you sleep with Big Figgy, Little Figgy and one rotating stuffed animal.  

You sleep with a travel size pillow.  Twice we have come in your room and you took the pillow case off of your pillow and put all your animals and blankies in there.  We had to make a new rule to not take your pillow case off your pillow.

Unless you are sick you usually sleep through the night with the occasional middle of the night request for water. 

You still sleep in a diaper (size 4T/5T).

You sleep till about 7/7:30.  When the alarm clock light is green you will say “Mommy come get me, the light is green.”  

You sleep in a toddler bed.  Every once in a while we find you facing the wrong direction.  We have only caught you getting out of bed once.

You sleep with your door closed so Willow does not get in.


You verbal skills are amazing.  You can string together words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs.  We can have full conversations with you.  You can tell us a little bit of what you did at school each day. 

You started asking why a lot.  

You love to sing and make up songs about everything.  Your new favorite CD is from Frozen and I will see you singing along with “Let it Go” it the back of the car all the time.

We have a lot of songs that we made up that we sing together – “We having matching hats”, “Let’s have a party” (sung to red solo cup), and “Let’s do it” are some of our favorites. 

You love when I sing you the Rory song where I just make up lyrics about you.  Like “Rory’s got a new bed, new bed, new bed, Rory’s got a new bed yes she does”

You get Chatty marked on your daily sheet every day - sometimes with underlines.


You have been potty trained for 2 months and have gone 4 weeks now without a single accident.  You love wearing underwear and picking them out each day.  When you don’t actually have to go potty you get really crabby about trying.  You can do the whole process all by yourself at home except turning off the water. 

You can spell your name orally and pick out R, O and Y from the alphabet. You point out R's, O's, and Y's everywhere we go.  I try to get you to work on spelling new words but right now you only care about your name. You like to learn new words so we often have a word of the day or week.  Recently we had vanilla and relaxing. 

You love to walk around on your tippy toes and love to jump.  You’ve gotten really fast going up and down the stairs and will often be done before we know it.  You still go down on your butt.  You will go all the way upstairs by yourself and back down to get something from your room.

When you get upset about something and know its silly you slump your shoulders and hang your arms and walk around like that.  Purposefully, to be dramatic (and funny).  

You like to "mess with us" all the time.  Sometimes when Willow is right next to you, you will say "Oh no, where's Willow" with a smirk on your face.

You spent your first night away from us not in our house and had a sleepover at Kristina's with TJ.  Kristina said you did great and when you came home you were excited to tell us that you slept in TJ's room with TJ in his crib.

Your a really sweet kid.  When you see that someone is sad you will give them a hug and say "Aww, its ok"  You are great at recognizing emotion.

You are also really helpful and try to help pick up toys and clean up spills.  You are great at saying please and Thank you.  You are pretty good at sharing, although every once in a while you'll get protective over a new toy.  You are great at taking turns.

Your usually a good listener.  You don't listen when you either want to play and its time to do something else or you are tired.  If you get a timeout you usually fight it and will sometimes throw a short tantrum, but you are great about apologizing after a timeout.

Your getting better at playing alone but prefer to play with either Daddy or I then on your own.

Your really into pointing out boys and girls everywhere we go, out loud to strangers.  Sometimes you get it wrong.  

We are working on what to say when someone asks you your name.  You normally shyly look away and mumble.  We are working on eye contact and saying your name loud and proud, then asking what that persons name is.  You are great at making eye contact when saying Thank You and Goodbye.


You love Books - Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Polar Bear, Polar Bear are your current favorites because you can "read" them to us.

You love your new school and your teachers Gnade and Meyer.  You often give them hugs in the morning or afternoon during pick up or drop off.  You love your friends at school and talk a lot about Abby and Max.

Your really into Little Einsteins and Curious George.  Bubba and I took you to your first movie - Frozen - and you loved it.  When we listen to the music you will often ask "Why was Anna sad here?"  But you still love Mickey and Minnie and especially Figaro the most.

You love to come in bed with us on Saturday and Sunday mornings and watch TV and jump all over us.

You love to get tickled.  You love it when Daddy throws you around and turns you upside down.

I bought you a chapstick because your lips were dry and you take it everywhere.  You loved to put it in your pocket, then say "I need to put on my chapstick."  You take it out, uncap it, put it on, recap it and put it back in your pocket.  For some reason its so cute and makes you look so old.

Your favorite people in the world besides us are your cousins - Annie, Alex and Emerson.  Whenever you see a baby, you say "She's kind of like Emerson" or "That's not Emerson" or "My Baby Emerson is in Chicago."

Favorite Recent Quotes
"I'm not a baby, I'm a toddler.  Your a baby!"
"My Kitty's name is Willow and my Mommy's name is Erica.  Right Erica?"
"Wait a second, I got to..."
"I do, I do, I do, I do"
"Make the music louder... even louder... even louder"
"Post that photo to Bubba"

I love you Rory!  Happy Half Birthday!

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  1. My son has eczema too, it can be such a pain. Is Rory hyper-aware of fabrics against her skin? Dylan seems to be a texture snob and I sometimes wonder if it’s because of his eczema. Rory is such a good girl when you take her out! Was she always that way? Just stop with all this cuteness. Singing before bed? OMG STOP! She’s so perfect! And she talks, and she is potty trained. Rory has set the bar SO HIGH. And she can spell her name? okay, trading in my son right now. JK lol