Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend began with blueberry and banana pancakes on Friday night.  They were a complete failure, fortunately Rory didn't care as long as the pancakes were shaped like Minnie Mouse!  (She ate the banana mouth before I could even get my camera out).

Saturday we went to the Afternoon with the Bunny in our local community center.  Last year we loved this event, but this year not so much.  Turns out that last year was too busy so they required pre-registration this year and limited the participation...and cut back costs.  There was no live band which was the best part last year.  And no Easter egg hunt, but instead a scavenger hunt.  Rory had fun, but I think we'll try something different next year.

Rory got a purse and sunglasses and a few other things in the mail from Nanny!  She immediately had to wear the purse and sunglasses on Saturday.

I'm not exactly an Easter bunny expert, but in terms of creepiness, I feel like this one scores off the charts.  They eyes are just weird.  Not to mention that she couldn't see anything, the helper had to point out that Rory was standing next to her at one point.  Might be time to invest in a new costume community center.  Of course Rory doesn't care.  At point she did cut a whole line of kids, hug the Easter bunny, then run away.

Rory loved playing on stage with all the inflatable instruments.  And she changed out the color of her beads 8 times.  She also loved playing with the beach balls, and after a little encouragement played well kicking the ball back and forth with another kid.

After the Community Center, we went to the mall and Rory got to run around and play some more.

Sunday we came downstairs to a filled Easter basket and a new chair for Rors.  She loved both!  Tim did a great job filling the basket, this kid is truly excited when she gets new plates, bowls and silverware!  The big hit though was the egg shaped chapstick, she smelled like blueberry the rest of the day and her entire mouth area was a little shiny!

Perfect size for her right? 


After eating some chocolate and cookies, we went to brunch.  Rory loved the idea of a buffet but once her plate was filled with food all she wanted to eat was the french toast.  We had a fun family brunch then headed to park to enjoy the beautiful weather.  

We checked out a new park.  There was a teeter totter thing that Tim and I were on and we tried to get Rory to take a pic of us.  Here are the best 2 of the 15 she took...

Ha,  Hilarious.

We did get a family photo by balancing my phone on a toy tractor and setting a 15 second time. Which apparently is not long enough since Tim is fixing his shirt and I am crossing my legs.

Rory (and me) took a long nap after the park.  Then we played outside a ton.  Bubbles and golf and a nice long walk! (btw - never walk 3 miles in flip flops the week before a race)

Rory was excited that their were so many birds out so she asked me to take a picture of one.

And at the top of the hill we got what might be my favoritest picture of Rory and me ever!

Tim made an awesome dinner of ham, green beans and sweet potatoes!  Everything was delicious and I can't wait to eat it all again tonight.  I might even add some more marshmallows to the sweet pots!

And we had sprinkle egg-shaped cookies for dessert.  Overall a fantastic fun family weekend!  

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  1. I seriously cannot believe that is Rory's hair. Each time I visit your blog I'm in hair heaven. It's just amazing! I think you're right about the bunny creep factor- what is up with those eyes?! Scary...LOL. Our community egg hunt was very disappointing. Cold pancakes, stupidest most inappropriate egg prizes, and no live music either. I'm not sure if they cut back on costs but it definitely seemed like it. Regardless though, easter was a success for both of us so whatever! I love Rory's purse/sunglass pose! Way to go Nanny!