Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maximize Your Life

On Saturday I went to go see Jillian Michaels Live on her Maximize Your Life tour.  I love her.  I wanted to go so bad that I bought a single ticket and went alone!  If you know me though, you know although I prefer to be around people (usually) I don't miss things because I have to do it alone!

I listen to her podcast pretty religiously and I think she is funny and witty and honest.  And I've watched every season of Biggest Loser.  She talks a lot about how she is known as a fitness guru due to Biggest Loser, her fitness DVD's etc but what she really wants to be known as is a motivator.  Someone who helps you get to the root of the problem and work through it.  This tour is based off that concept.  Its a little about nutrition and fitness but it mostly about how to get motivated to start living right and Maximize Your Life.

She talked for 2 hours and I was captivated the whole time.  She is funny and well spoken, but doesn't take herself too seriously.  She said at the very beginning you will see throughout the next 2 hours that I am not perfect.  She stood and walked around the whole time and was actively engaged with audience.  She brought a couple people on stage and jokingly yelled at a couple more.  (The one who did the fitness examples might have been a plant).  And by the way she is really pretty in person.

She starts out by talking about Nutrition.  How do you lose weight or be healthier.  Well, first and foremost - Eat Less.  Jillian did talk about eating clean.  This is a concept I have heard a ton about but I only understood it at the base level.  Eat natural, organic, unprocessed foods because they don't have chemicals etc.  Jillian went into more of the details like what chemicals are found in which foods and why they are bad for us.  How spending just $20 more per week now on eating clean foods can save you health care costs and mean extra years on your life.  Putting bleach and pesticides and hormones etc in your body is what causes cancer and diseases and 8 year old starting their periods.  Its an extreme opinion but it makes sense.

The advice I found most helpful was this, label all the foods you eat on a scale from 1-10.  One being fresh and Organic, pesticide-free, grass-fed the best you can eat and 10 being processed, bleached, artificial etc.  She said aim to eat all 1-5.  More 1's then 5's.  This seems feasible to me whereas eating clean all the time does not.

I always buy Organic Milk and try to stay away from the dirty dozen but I think I'm ready to take it to the next level.

Here's what I bought for breakfast and lunch today.  How did I do?

So on to Fitness.  What is the key to fitness?  Move More.  One thing I love about Jillian that you may not know if you are a BL only Jillian fan is that she hates to work out.  She openly says that she counts the minutes on the clock.  The key to working out is to do dynamic workouts, push hard, mix it up and do things that are fun.

The majority of her show and the meat of it was really how to overcome the mental struggles of being stuck.  How to get motivated.  She talked about how a lot of us find love, get married, get a job, buy a house, have a kid, get a promotion, have another kid, etc. (When she runs through this list its hilarious).  But are we really happy.  Are we really doing what we love and doing what we are passionate about?

She challenged the audience to set a timer for every hour for the next 2 weeks and when the timer goes off to stop and ask yourself Am I passionate about what I am doing right now?  And if you are then find a way to do that more, and if you are not find a way to do that less.

And don't let fear stop you.

And live in the present, not in the past and not in future.

She was really good.  If she if coming to your city I would highly recommend seeing her. Its motivating and entertaining and ton of great info.

At the end she took questions from the audience.  If your are a podcast fan like me this might be your favorite part because Janice comes out on stage to take the questions.  Janice is even more hilarious in person on the podcast.  She has a great outgoing personality and was dancing and joking and it was fun to see in person.

They took some great questions... How much training is over training, how do I kick my pop addiction, how do I motivate my husband to be active.  Jillian took the time to answer each question thoughtfully and could not have been sweeter or more caring to each and every person that asked a question.

Oh, And I bought this super cute shirt that I am not obsessed with!

Go see her!  Check out the Podcast!  Get motivated!  Maximize Your Life!

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  1. I would have never guessed she hates to work out! That makes me feel better because I hate it too. I love that you went to see her solo! My husband never understands how I’m okay with doing things alone, like eating in a restaurant. Everyone’s different but I love a girl who is okay doing things on her own! I like the advice of eating 1-5s, labels are so important and organic/local is superior! The things we eat are so unnerving. When I found out what imitation vanilla actually is I gagged. Btw, love the shirt. :]

  2. I had not even thought about what could possibly be in Imitation Vanilla yet! I googled immediately and I will now be rushing home and throwing out my bottles! Thanks for the heads up. There is definitely going to be a learning curve in this eating clean-er push! I also love a girl who does things on their own :)