Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Randomness

Life has been a bit busy the last week or so.  Tim is on a work trip, work is busier and half marathon training is at its peak.  So in the spirit of "somethings got to give" I have not been posting as much as I would like to.

I took the afternoon off Friday to get in my long run.  With Tim in Vancouver and then Costa Rica I was stressing about how to get in my last and most important long run.  I finally decided taking the time off was worth not dealing with the stress or splice runs together to get up to 13.  

Turned out be an amazing run.  Up until the 3-4 mile mark I really wanted to turn around and go back home but after that I just cruised and enjoyed the run.  The PR I'm trying to beat in Nashville is 2:23.  On Friday I ran 13.12 miles with 2:15:11. so I would say I'm on my way.  My #1 goal is still to PR but I am going to push to try to beat 2:15 too.

This weekend Rory and I were on our own.  Saturday morning we headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond and Carters to do some shopping, then we went to my favorite place to eat - Whole Foods.  Rory got to pick out everything she wanted from the hot bar.  She loved that!

Sunday we went to the mall.  We got hot chocolate and she played at the play area for a long time.  

This is what its like to shop with Rory...

We got some spring clothes for Rory and new sunglasses and a bathing suit.

Both afternoons I watched The Masters.  I tried to multi-task and play with Rory but it was hard.  I felt like splitting my attention meant I couldn't do either thing well.  

She isn't really good at playing on her own for more then 10-15 minutes.  Which is probably my fault.  But I feel bad when I'm not sitting on the floor playing with her and giving her my full attention.  I try really hard not to be distracted  around her or if I am I explain why and make it for a short period of time, like making dinner or writing an email.  

But... its The Master's, so what are you going to do.  We did talk a lot about the golf and I tried to explain it a bit.  She would ask questions and watch it for a few minutes then want to do something else.

Here are some of the questions Rory asked during the golf... Why does he only wear one glove? Why did he hit the ball?  Where did he hit the ball?  Why is the ball by the trees?  Where did Bubba go?  Why is his name Bubba?  Are Bubba and GMike there?  (a little confusion between my Mom, Bubba and 2-time Master Champion Bubba Watson).  Can we go play golf?  Why is there water?  Why do you like golf?  

So after Bubba (Watson) won we did whatever Rory wanted (Mommy guilt), which was lot of cuddling on the couch and watching TV and an extra long bath with bubbles.  She really wanted her feet in this photo.

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