Monday, April 7, 2014

Things that motivate me to run...

The 15 things that motivate me to start running and keep running!  In no particular order...

1. My current desktop

2. Food - My favorite thing to do on a Friday is to go over to the Whole Foods hot bar and Carb load for my Saturday long runs!  The truth is that I love to eat.  And running lets me eat more!

3. The feeling at the end of a long run!  This was after my 12 mile run a week ago.  Even though you can't tell, I'm actually jumping.

4. Getting Faster - I'm never going to be a super speedy runner but I'm working toward mid-10/low-10 pace.  No matter the number, its fun to push for it and see the progress.  Its all about setting goals, achieving them, then resetting your goals!

   My 5 mile paces:
   2/2 11:03
   3/17 10:29
   3/25 10:14
   4/1 9:56

5.  Reaching for a new PR!  I want to beat this!

6. Running Shoes - I am obsessed with my Newtons!  I have the Lady Isaacs now which is a beginner Newton shoe.  I went years wearing Nike Structures and then tried a Brooks Adrenaline before finding these.  I have not run a race in them yet but so far I love them.  I would like to transition to a bigger lug or get a Newton trail shoe for my Tough Mudder training next.

7. Running Clothes - My favorites (right now): Victoria Secret Sports Underwear, Under Armour Protegee Sports Bra, Champion fitted pants, Nike or UA short sleeve running shirts, Smart Wool socks (I've tried the toe ones but not sure on them yet - yes, yes I know that I have one too many toes for them but I make it work), Pro Compression Calf Sleeves, Lululemon scarf for cold weather, BondiBand headbands (they keep my earbuds in my ears) and my new FitMark gym bag!

8. GU - I'm obsessed with Peanut Butter GU (Thanks Nikki!) and I may have ordered a 24 pack last week that showed up on my doorstep just in time for my 12 mile run!  

9. Running Blogs - I read a lot of running blogs.  My favorites are Run Eat Repeat and The Hungry Runner Girl and Shut Up and Run.  I read running blogs everyday.  They really do motivate me.  I see these girls running a gazillion miles at gazelle speeds and I want to go faster and longer.  I'll never be a marathon runner or a gazelle but I like the inspiration!  Some the the runners on these blogs have kids and jobs and husbands to balance with running just like me, I love to see how others balance it all!

10. Being Healthy for me! - I just realized my headband was upside down.  And I ran 12 miles like that.  Ha.

I wish I could say that a healthy heart and healthy lungs were all I cared about.  But the truth is the number on the scale is still important to me, and I think it will be till I reach the goal number in my head.  I like to think that although I may be 20lbs overweight I am still healthy, and maybe even healthier then someone with a perfect BMI who does not workout.  For some reason I find comfort in that.  

11. Being Healthy for my Family!

Look - she wants to be just like me!  CMM shirt from last year, my keys and my gym card.  After this photo she said "Mommy, you go home and nap.  I'll stay at the gym and go to yoga and run."  (Sounds kind of amazing btw.) My only hope is that some of my athletic energy rubs off on Rory and she also has a joy for being active!  

For as long as I live I want to be healthy.  I fully realize there are aspects of that I cannot control, but there are also aspects I can.  And being the control freak that I am, I am going to try!  This little girl deserves that!  
Tim and Rory both deserve to have the best version of me.  And a healthy active Erica is a happier, less stressed, better Mom, Better Wife Erica!

12.  Being Outside - There is nothing better for the soul then an hour or two watching trees pass with the sun is beating down on your face.

13. Race Photos!  Not kidding. One of my favorite things about race day is trying to think of the most outrageous thing to do for the camera!

14.  Runcations - A few photos from Nashville last year.  I want to go every year forever!  

And 2 Nikki Runcations is not enough! So there will be more - may be 2, 3, 4 years from now - but there will be more!

15. Medals!  They are so shiny and pretty!

I have not always been a runner.  There was a day when I could not run a full mile or even a half mile.  But I set my mind to run a 5K and persistence and stubbornness slowly turned into a love for running.  Before I knew it I was running 4 miles, then 5 and a 10K and halfs.  And look at all the pretty medals I've earned from all that running!  I can't wait to add another Half Marathon medal to this collection in 3 weeks!

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