Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Country Music Half Marathon Race Recap

I have said this many times over the last couple weeks, but I want to run this race every year forever.  I love the race, the time of year, the city, the music, everything.  We had an awesome time, both PR'ed and I can't wait till next year already.

The worst thing about travelling for races is that you never eat right the night before.  Friday night we were trying to find some pasta in the hotel and ended up settling on sushi and a basket of bread.  We realized later in the weekend there are a ton of good restaurants with pasta walking distance from the hotel, we need to do that next year.

We went to bed early and woke up about 5am.  The great thing about it being our 3rd year at this race is we knew that the shuttles run continuously so you don't have to catch the very first one.  We were able to to mosey on over to the bus and wait in a short line.  We got to the start line right around 7am when the race started and got in our corral with plenty of time.

I was feeling good at the beginning of the race, not nearly as many nerves as usual.  I had a feeling I wasn't hydrated enough though.  My goal was to PR and beat 2:23.  My stretch goal was to beat my fastest training race of 2:15.

There were so many people we had to climb through the gate to get into our corral.  I really like the new start line though and it was beautiful out!  Very different from last year.

Every year I am amazed by how many people there are! 

The first few miles were great.  I was cruising and felt pretty good.  This Brooks Guy cheered me on as well as a ton of spectators on the sidelines.  The signs and the people make this race awesome!  The bands every mile were great too.

At about mile 5 I decided to turn on a podcast instead of music.  This is so sad but I'm so used to training with talking in my ears that I was actually a little bored with music.  And I love music!  It worked well though because when I passed bands I could still hear the music they were playing.

A Peanut Butter GU always makes me happy around mile 5.

I wanted to take more photos along the way but I only snapped two.  Here's one of a cool statue in Nashville.

At mile 6 I walked through a water stop and I knew something weird was going on with my left knee.  It locked up a bit but I was able to keep going.

At mile 8 I also walked through a water stop and this time I had a much harder time getting going again.  It was one of those things where I knew I would have to feel about 2 minutes of intense pain before I would get it moving again.  I grimaced through the pain and once I was up to full speed, I knew I could not stop again until I crossed that finish line.  My knee never bothered me once during training, but did give me issues during my last half in Oct.  I came to the conclusion that what bothers my knee is all the lateral movement when you weave in and out of people.  I need to figure out a way to strengthen my knees so that his doesn't happen next race.

Ellen and I both rocked it!  And then limped around with a similar injury after the run!

Loni was in town and got to run this awesome race too!  Amazing since she didn't really train for it!

And of course I got a new medal for my awesome collection.  Half Marathon #5 under my belt!

Considering my knee issues, I'm very happy with this time.  PR baby!!

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