Friday, May 9, 2014

Mommy, it's flash lighting out

Yesterday I was standing at my kitchen counter at 2:52 working and listening to the Adam Carolla podcast and all of a sudden I hear a huge bang.  After the initial shock and realization that an airplane did not hit my house, I live next to an airport so not as insane as it seems, I assume it was thunder.  It was raining a little bit and there was a storm on the way.  But then I heard the unmistakable sound of the house shutting off and the power was gone.  It sounded like a transformer blew (as if I know what that means or sounds like - do those turn into robots or do I have the wrong word).

Ok, no big deal right.  I had just gotten back from a run so I needed a shower.  Also, when I work from home sometimes I stand at the kitchen counter and work and of course I never plug my computer in when I'm doing this, so my battery is down to 25%.  Which really doesn't matter anyway because the modem doesn't work without power.  My phone is also down to 20% because I was listening to podcasts all day.

I took a shower by iphone flashlight and the power was still off when I was done.  Thanks to email on iphone, I sent my manager a quick email letting her know I would be moving to Starbucks to finish out the day.  You'll see shortly I never actually make it to Starbucks.

I grabbed my work bag and headed to the garage only to realize that I was not sure how to  actually get out of the garage.  I read the manual release directions by iphone flashlight and pulled the red cord successfully.  I tried and tried to pull the door up and for some reason I couldn't get it to budge.  I Google manual release of garage doors, it says I did everything right.  I finally had to grab a step ladder and pull it from a different angle to get it to go up.  At this point my battery on my phone is down to 12% and its 3:15.

I go to start my car to move it onto the driveway...  vrrr... vrrr... click... click...

Oh crap.  From many many previous experiences I know that my engine floods very easy so now I'm nervous that if I try it again I'm going to flood my engine.  I'm standing in my open garage and the rain is pouring down so hard that I'm getting sprayed with water.  

Ok, I have to pick up Rory at some point because Tim is out of town, I need to try the car again.  vrrr...vrrr... vrroom.  Deep breath.  It started!

I pull the car onto the driveway, run in the house to check if the power is still out, it is.  Manually close the garage door after a few attempts and get back in my car soaking wet.  3:25.

I decide to go directly to get Rory and that we'll take my car in right away to avoid it not starting later.  I drive to Rory's school and park in the first parking spot closest to the door and leave my car running.  Its now lightning and thundering and raining cats and dogs.

I run into school soaking wet and get to Rory's classroom.  Rory is hugging her teacher scared out of her mind crying.  "Mommy, its flash lighting out"  I get a big hug and a ton of tears.  "Why is it storming?"  "The thunder is too loud." "I threw my shoes in the potty"

Wait, back up.  You threw your shoes where?  I come to find out that after nap Rory decided to throw her shoes in the potty..with pee in it.  Why? I am pretty sure it was an attempt for me to buy her new shoes.  Two other girls came to school with brand new shoes and she wanted new shoes too.  We had some more tears over the boys shoes she had to wear the rest of the day and more tears over the thunder.

We calmed down a bit and headed to car.  Rory fought me for a few minutes that she did not want to go outside because she didn't want to get wet.  So I took my jacket off, picked her up and put the jacket over her head.  We made it to the car, her dry and me even more soaked.  I stood by the car and tried to buckle her in and she insisted on reaching for a book and a toy as the water dripped down my back.  3:45.

We started driving toward the auto shop and the lightning and thunder was getting really bad.  Rory is crying in the back seat and saying "I'm scared" and "I want to go home."  

At this point I'm worried that if I go home and the power doesn't come back on for a while and my car doesn't start then we will be completely stranded with no power.  And Rory is crying.  All she wants to do is go home and watch Mickey and cuddle up in a blanket.  

We pull in the auto shop parking lot and she is in a full on panic.  I climb in the backseat with her since its still pouring rain and calm her down a bit.  She pleads to go home.  It goes something like this....

R: Mommy, can we just go home?
M: We just need to make it to that door right there, can we just run through the rain and then we'll be fine.
R: Mommy, please.  I'm really scared of the flash lights.  
M: It's Ok Rors, sometimes it storms in the spring.  
R: Why does it storm?
M: Well, when there is cold air and then warm air comes the air pressure changes and then it causes a storm.
R: Can we just go home? (tear rolls down cheek)

Rory's immediate needs of feeling safe outweighs the power/car problem.  I climb back into the front seat and head for home.

We drive home slowly through the storm.  Rory is freaked out any time we go over any flooding.  "What was that noise Mommy."  I put on Bon Jovi and we sing and that helps distract her and calm her down a bit.

We get home.  I get out of the car and pull the garage door open.  I get back in the car, pull the car in the driveway and manually close the garage again.

Power please be on, please be on.

We walk inside and the power is still off.  Rory is thrilled to take off her "boy" shoes and we sit on the living room floor eating goldfish and reading books. 4:00 and 8% battery left on my phone.  The storm has pretty much stopped.  I want to check to see if the electric company has a message about the outage but I'm nervous to use my phone.  Rory asks to watch Mickey...

R: Mommy can I watch Mickey because I was scared.
M: When the power comes back on we can watch Mickey
R: power?
M: Electricity, that's what makes everything work
R: like Mickey?
M: Yep, like Mickey.
R: But I want to watch Mickey and I'm scared of the storm.  

More crying on and off.  The sun is out.

4:35 Power comes back on!  We cuddle on the couch and watch Mickey.   All is right with the world again, well... except that my car probably won't start in the morning.  Deep breath.

[This is an unrelated photo from our breakfast at Dunn Bros on Wednesday.]  

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