Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Randomness...

Let's see...

I am obsessed with iced coffee right now for some reason.  Can't wait till the weather catches up to me!

Tim got Rory this bean bag for Easter, but Willow has pretty much claimed it as her own.  She sleeps in it every single night now with the cat blanket and the elephant.

Rory has started to draw with some purpose, its really fun to watch.  Don't get me wrong the pictures still don't look like anything but instead of just scribbling she is trying to draw herself or me or Tim.  If you watch her you can see her draw a head and 2 eyes, a nose, mouth and hair.

And I'm getting good at drawing the "Our family is scared of turkeys" scene which is requested quite often by Rory.

And we had a fantastic Mother's day!  We did the 5K Susan B Komen walk.  Had brunch at Fire Lake and then went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get me a gift (New jacket, running shirt and golf balls)!  We also got Rory a real putter!  Had so much fun with Tim and Rory!  

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