Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Spoon!

After living in Minnesota for 7 years I finally got to the Sculpture Garden!  That spoon and cherry is way bigger then I thought it was!  Rory thought it was an apple.

Did you know that if you touch or sit on the end of the spoon someone comes on a loud speaker and yells at you?  "Get away from the spoon!"

Rory's loved having Stupop and Laura visit all weekend!  Laura read Rory a zillion books which meant that Rory now has a new favorite person.

I thought Rory might be kind of disappointed that we didn't go to a real part with a playground but she actually really liked the sculpture garden.  She climbed on every chair and touched every sculpture.

After the sculpture garden we went to Smack Shack (yep, again) and met Tim for dinner.  We all had an amazing meal.  The food was excellent!

Then we went to breakfast Sunday morning and my Dad and Laura left for the long drive back to Chicago.  

We all took long naps and played a little soccer on Sunday!  Great weekend!

And I almost forgot, we ran the Chaska 5K & 10K on Saturday.  My Dad won the 5K in his divsion and Laura won the 10K in her division.  I was just thrilled to hear Rory cheering for me as I got close to the finish line, that was awesome!

For the record, I am somehow getting slower.  My splits make no sense.  

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