Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Randomness

Is anyone else obsessed with the Google Auto Awesomeness?  I love these little animations.

Here's another one...

I have been wanting to do a 3 day cleanse for quite some time now.  I found a great deal and with Tim out of town I thought this was the perfect time!  Also, a post-vacation cleanse is a good idea since I am up a few pounds from eating everything in sight for a long weekend.  Honestly, I'd love to get in the habit of doing these cleanses once a year (or more).  I think they are a great reset and remind me to be more conscious of what I am putting in my body.

When the juices arrived on Tuesday I was pumped.  All 3 days went really smooth.  I wasn't hungry and my stomach felt flatter after day 1.  All in all it was a great experience.  My fat feels less fat.  I know that makes zero sense but I guess I mean I feel less jiggly.  Also, i am down 7 lbs and my pants fit way better.  It was nice to have a mental break from thinking about what to eat.  I have a renewed motivation for eating healthy and clean and I'm super excited about it.

Post cleanse mean lots and lots of veggies on Sat and Sunday.  Sunday night I had eggs and this morning I had one tablespoon of half and half, but other then that I have been meat and dairy free since last Sunday.  I'll slowly work this stuff back in but right now I am loving all the veggies and fruit.

PS, does anyone else always put something in their salad because it sounds like a great idea and then end up eating around it?  I do that with tomatoes every.single.time!

Rory and I went to the pool for the first time this year on Tuesday.  We ate dinner (I drank dinner, and not in the fun way) and played in the pool until the very last minute we could!


Rory fell in the little 1 foot pool, her head didn't go under or anything but after realizing she was fine she freaked out and cried.  I jumped up to go hug her and stubbed my toe so bad that it was black and blue within an hour, it still hurts right now.  And it made all my toes crooked, just kidding they've always been like that.  But it did mess up my pedicure.

Then Thursday was Book Club day.  Rory was so excited to go to book club.  We killed time before Book Club by sitting in chairs on the driveway and watching people go get their mail.  Is it me or is it the ultimate laziness that you can't walk the half a block on a beautiful 80 degree day to go get your mail but instead you have to pull your car up to the mailbox and get out to go get your mail.  At one point their was a line of 3 cars waiting to pull up to get their mail.  They could have parked in their driveway and walked over in that time.  (Ok, I have definitely been listening to too much Adam Carolla, this sounds like one of his rants).  Anyway, it was fascinating and we had fun people watching.

Did you know that Rory loves to wear dresses?  She would wear a dress every single day if she could.   However, we need to work on keeping our skirt down.  Who knew this is something you would have to teach a kid once they are out of diapers.  I did get a great tip from her teacher to try bike shorts, so I went to Target and bought a pair and we'll try that this week.

Auntie Pam got Rory a new pair of Tom's and she is obsessed with them!  Here she's pointing to them.  They are beyond cute and I want them in my size!

On Saturday it stormed pretty loud all day and this is how Rory insisted on handling it.  She laid directly on top of me and we alternated between watching the storm out the window and watching Clifford (her new favorite show).  I find it interesting that she wants to watch the thing that she is afraid of, I am the same way.  When I fly and get nervous I absolutely love when I'm on United and can listen to the pilots and air traffic controllers so that I know what is going on.

For some reason Rory was uber emotional this weekend.  She's also going through a little bit of a mommy over-attachment phases, which I am guessing is because we have spent so much time together lately.

Here's a few reasons Rory cried just this morning:
  • She said her diaper was dry but it wasn't and when I told her "It's ok, but your diaper is wet" she had a meltdown.
  • Her favorite underwear are dirty and she could not wear them (she wore them yesterday).
  • I wouldn't let her brush my hair.
  • She couldn't wear her pants backwards, she likes the back pockets better then the front.
  • Rory wanted to put her hands in her front pockets but in order to do so she had to lift up her shirt, I told her she had to pull down her shirt and she got very upset.
  • I don't have a cup holder in my car for her.
Luckily, for some reason (probably because I vented to my husband about it last night) I woke up with renewed sense of patience and we were able to quickly either redirect or put each situation in perspective.

And I leave you with a cat on a hippo on a bean bag chair...

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