Friday, July 11, 2014

End O Line Train Museum

On the way to Sioux Falls over the 4th weekend, we stopped in Currie, MN to visit the End O Line train museum.  We thought this would be a fun way to break up the drive.  It turned out to be a good way to spend an hour, I think all 3 of us thought is was pretty cool.

Rory was super excited just to get out of the car.  But she also thought going to see trains would be really fun!


Neither Tim or I had ever actually been inside a train like this so we thought it was pretty neat.  For some reason Rory was completely freaked out of sitting on the beds.

We climbed up to the lookout area to check it out.  She was less scared of this.

We then went into the train garage and learned all about hobos, I made some reference to Polar Express in order to relate to Rory but I still don't think she got it.

We learned about crazy inventions they used to work on the train tracks.

And got to see HUGE trains!  Tim took lots of pictures.

We saw the town school house.  Rory (and I) had fun sitting at all the desks.

We got a kick out of the Rules for Teachers in 1915.

And Rory got to sit at the teachers desk!

Fun pit stop for all!

Here's one other photo from a stop at a park earlier.  We tried to pose in the exact same position.

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