Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tim and Erica Go To Garth!

You are going to get a lot more Daddy Blog Posts of Happening at the Husted Household.

Part of the "Husted Household" is that we now have the ability to do stuff without Rory.  This month, our big night out was to one of the Garth Brooks concerts at the Target Center.   We were joined by Ellen and Josh.  

Both Erica and I love country music.   And for me, my love of country music began with Garth Brooks and specifically Friends in Low Places and The Dance.   I'm 38, so Garth's career is tied to my high school and college years very closely.   

As a 17 year old city kid from Brookfield attending Business World camp at Carroll College in Waukesha, WI.   My first real experience in that environment had me interacting with a lot of farm kids from all over Wisconsin.   It was at the end of camp dance that I found out that the majority of people there loved country music and i remember hearing those two songs, the two biggest songs of Garth's career.

Erica and I went to the early Saturday show on the last weekend of his 11 show run.

Here is the Twin Cities Newspaper summary of the show:

Overall it was an amazing experience to see someone who is now a music legend and although there were flaws the overall experience was awesome.

First Garth is now 52 years old.  He is not in perfect shape although was quick to talk about being out of shape.  But clearly the show is built around that, there were breaks between every song and Tricia Yearwood's set falls in the middle which from what I could tell is another way Garth can pace himself.   Now that said, he is doing 2 shows a night on weekends and as many shows as tickets sell so everyone can see him; so pacing himself probably is the right strategy.

Garth played all the hits, all the songs anyone wanted to hear.  This is no garden party, he plays 2-3 songs from his new album and those have the words on the screen so you can sing along like all the other songs.  

Garth is great at getting the crowd to cheer for him.   He worked the crowd all night although after a while it was annoying how "amazed" he was by the cheers he gets from every crowd every night.  

I also created the Garth Brooks drinking game for every time he takes off his hat as a sign of respect to someone or the crowd for cheering.  

The crowd was VERY amateur hour.   It seemed much of the crowd fell into three unique demographics:

1.  40 somethings who don't go to many concerns and in many cases don't get to the "big city" much.  There seemed to be a lot of Outstate MN, Northern Wisconsin and Dakotas in the crowd, a lot of people who don't get out much; this was a special occasion to come to town.  

2.  Late 30's females who have never been on a horse or walked on a farm but have the "outfit" and "love Garth" and "love Whiskey".  

3.  Country Kids, the next generation of Garth fans

The crowd was fairly poor at singing along even though the words of every song are known by everyone, nowhere close to the perfect pacing of a Pearl Jam crowd for example.

All in all it was a fun night and the ability to get a night with just Erica and I is always fun.   Rory had fun with Frankie so in all everyone was happy.  

If Garth is coming to your city, go see the show!


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