Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

We are home and I am back at work today from a full week off and back in Chicago!  The 3 of us had a fantastic time, we got to see almost everyone (although some visits were way too short) and Rory really got into Christmas this year!

We drove home Saturday morning (12/20) bright and early.  I think we hit the road at 6:15am.  Our goal was make it home it time for GG's 90th Birthday Party.  Rory did great, although we expected her to fall back asleep for a little while and she never did.  She watched Mickey with her headphones on most the time.  Tim hung out in the back with her, and I drove and listened to podcasts (Obsessed with Serial right now!).

We made it in time for Rory to take a nap and we met everyone at the Restaurant for the party!  We then left Rory with Marybeth and went to our second party of the night.  Rory got to have a sleepover with her cousins which they all love!  

The next couple of days Rory and I stayed at my Mom and Michael's.  My Mom gave Rory a sled and these fake snowballs and Rory loved putting all the snowballs in the sled with all the stuffed animals in the house and dragging it around.

The unexpected highlight of the couple of days though was a trip we took to Jump Zone.  Rory (and my Mom) had so much fun jumping around on all the inflatables!

I had to catch her in the middle so excuse the awful camera work, but I think this video is hilarious!

We also got to see Nikki, Phil, Maddie and meet baby Sarah!  I finally got to give them the Sarah Bear-a blanket I had made.  After hogging Sarah for an hour we went to the coolest place for lunch with just the older girls!  2 Toots delivers all the food on a train!  Which Rory loved!  Tuesday night I met Loni for dinner, a highlight of the week because I miss her like crazy, got to catch up and eat horseradish crusted meat, yum!

Let's see, this brings us to Wednesday.  We got to see Amy and Caleb briefly at Blast Zone!  We had dinner at Andrew's house - personal pizza's (stealing this idea for my next party) and the kids got to run around and play.  Rory has such a blast with her 3 cousins, its so fun to watch them play together.  

Christmas morning was great!  Rory was the most grateful kid I've ever seen (not that I've seen a ton of kids open gifts Christmas morning).  Each gift she wanted to play with right away and showed genuine excitement about!  Rory's favorite by far was her own Christmas tree.  We are not sure where she came up with this idea, but it was the one thing she was consistent on whenever I would ask what she wanted.  She would say "A Christmas tree my size that I can keep in my room."  Rory got a set of lights, garland, and ornaments to decorate!  She put it all together right away!  Rory also got a LeapPad 2 which she really likes.  Amazing how fast she figured out how to use the stylus on it.

Tim did a great job too!  A pair of Sorel's, North Face sweatshirt, Spyder pullover and Starbucks cold cup!  So excited about all of it!  

We went to Marybeths house to have dinner and do the big exchange!  We had a great day and Rory did great.  She didn't get a nap so there were some questionable moments but she hung in there!

Friday we slept in a little bit.  We went to my Mom's to go see Auntie Pam for breakfast.  Tim and I got to get 2 workouts in!  A 3 miles walk around the neighborhood (48 degrees out!) and then later 3 miles at Lifetime.  We ate lunch at Franks for the Memories, made Fig Balsamic Pork Tenderloin and topped the day off with Frozen Yogurt.  Great Day!

Saturday before heading out we drove downtown to meet Lucy!  My Dad and Laura's new dog.  We knew this was going to be hard for Rory.  She is pretty afraid of dogs with the exception of a tiny dog named Nicki and the nicest dog ever Miller.  All other dogs she is afraid of.  She screamed and cried but eventually she got brave and gave Lucy the tiniest pet.  We had a great breakfast with them and then hit the road!

Rory did a great job on the car ride.  Sleeping for a couple hours then watching Mickey and playing on her LeapPad.

Sunday morning Rory got to open the rest of her gifts!  She got a Lego table, a couple stuffed animals, headphones, a hat with ear flaps and a few other things.  She loved everything!

Overall we had a fantastic Christmas.  I had Friday's off leading up and Tim and I really enjoyed having the day off and shopping together.  Ikea trip was a highlight!  

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