Monday, February 2, 2015

Explaining Daylight Savings Time to a 3 year old... everyday!

This is a daily conversation in our car in the afternoon...

Rory: Its still light out?
Me: Yes, remember how I told you that the days get longer so it stays light a little later everyday?
Rory: Why?
Me: Well, The days get shorter leading up to winter, then in the middle of January they start to get longer.  In the middle of summer it doesn't get dark until way after your bedtime.
Rory: How many days until summer?
Me: A lot.
Rory: But how many?
Me: Once Feb is over its slowly starts to get nicer out.  


Rory: Its dark out, that means its bedtime soon but I'm not tired yet.
Me: You have a couple hours till bedtime
Rory: But its dark out.
Me: Right, it gets dark early in the winter
Rory: I need a flashlight I can't see.


Rory: I can see the moon
Me: I see it too, its looks so pretty.
Rory: Why isn't it dark out if the moon is out.

I never would have guessed the number of conversations around lightness/darkness outside.  Its like on replay every day.  Rory desperately wants to understand it.  She also just really wants summer back, can't say I blame her, but living in Minnesota she should probably get used to long winters pretty soon.  

I am not looking forward to Daylight savings time ending either.  This is how that conversation went in October:

Rory: Why is it dark out?
Me: There is this thing called daylight savings time where we change our clocks back an hour.  That makes it darker earlier but lighter in the morning when we go to school, so when I pick you up after school it might be dark already.
Rory: Why is it dark out?  

Yes, a little complex for a 3 year old but at least I didn't get into the tilt of the earth's axis and the earth's rotation.  Plus, she asked so I always try to explain even the most complex thing somehow.

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