Friday, February 6, 2015

Growing, charts and Rory's Friday Faves!

Rory has grown up a ton lately.  She has the growth spurts that come out of no where and surprise us.  Not necessarily physical growth spurts but growing up growth spurts.  All of a sudden Rory knows all of her letters.  

She mixes up a few still but if you go through the alphabet flash cards twice she will get every one.  She also is further along then I realized on putting sounds with the letters.  If I hold up a photo of a Turtle and say what does it start with, she with sound it out and get it right for most of the letters.  She also makes associations, for example, I'll show her an Elephant and she will say "sounds like Ellie" (her friend at school) "and Ellie starts with E".  You can see the building blocks of reading coming along, its very cool.  

Rory has also become even funnier lately.  And she TRIES to tell jokes and be funny.  Yesterday in the car she said this:

Rory: Do you know who the funniest person in our house is?
Me: Who? (Thinking she will say herself)
Rory: Willow is the funniest, then me, then you and then Daddy

She says it with laughter in her voice, knowing that to claim the cat is the funniest is pretty hilarious. 

She also said the other day:

Rory: When I grow up I will be taller then Ms. Pagel (who is over 6 feet tall)
Me; You might be, you will definitely be taller then me.
Rory: Don't worry Mommy, I will still be friends with you when I'm super tall (said laughing)

Yes, this makes no sense, but its pretty hilarious.

Coming from someone whose sense of humor is pretty much puns, I find her effort and jokes hilarious!  She still says when she grows up she wants to be a comedian.  Sometimes she says Meteorologist Comedian Mommy.  I'd watch that news station BTW, the weather could use a little more humor, can you imagine all the puns she could do!

Rory has been pushing her independence a lot lately too.  We've had a handful of really bad days at school in the last couple months.  A bad day consists of Rory not listening to her teachers and on the worst of the days she will actually tantrum and kick and scream at her teachers.  She's had quite a few afternoons in her room for this behavior.  When asked why she didn't listen she answers "Because I didn't want to, I wanted to make my own choices."  We are in trouble, but on some level that's a reasonable answer.  We just need to give her the tools to make the right choices.  Mostly at 3 years old to listen and respect her teachers even when she does not want to.  

We are getting better though.  We started a brand new sticker chart this week as well as a chore chart.  The sticker chart works a bit different then the one before.  This one is weekly, each day she can get 0-2 stickers - 1 for a good day, 2 for a great day.  Her teacher knows about this so writes on her sheet if it was a 0,1 or 2 sticker day.  She also gets stickers from us on the weekends.  If she gets 7 stickers in the 7 days she gets the designated treat at the end of the week.  The treats are small and fun - family ice cream date, family hot chocolate date, new book and play at the bookstore, pack of M and M's, etc.  I have it set up for 8 weeks.  Hoping this will just help to reinforce how important having good days at school is.  

The chore chart was Tim's idea.  And it was a great one.  Rory is obsessed with doing her chores.  There are 3 - Fill Willow's food and water, Check and fill all TP holders in all 4 bathrooms and play sock matching game.  Not all of them have to be done daily and in total all 3 take maybe 15 minutes.  
Rory loves to take care of Willow.  This morning while getting ready, Willow was crying and Rory said "sounds like I need to do my chores."  She finished getting ready and went downstairs and filled Willows food and water before going to school.  She gets to mark each chore Done each day.

I feel like Rory has made a leap physically recently too.  She is getting more confident at gymnastics and more coordinated.  She can jump on the trampoline no problem - just last summer she would jump once or twice then fall on her butt.  She can do the balance beam without help.  The 2 times we've taken her ice skating she has done awesome and loves it.  She has slept during nap time at school without a diaper for months, and just last weekend I decided to bite the bullet and see if she could do it at home.  She had a small accident Saturday but stayed dry Sunday!  Going to try to keep her out of diapers at nap and eventually work on nighttime.  I'm not in a rush, but she would love to not sleep in diapers.  Tim signed Rory up for Soccer this Spring, I can't wait to watch her play!  She'll also do swim again, let the busyness begin!

Also her asthma has been kept at bay this whole winter thus far (knock on wood).  She has had a few colds and they have all been basically normal kid colds.  I'll still give her nebs and albuterol but it really is more preventive and/or me being overly cautious then Rory actually having breathing issues.  The Flovent has had a major positive impact on Rory's quality of life.  I know that sounds extreme, but that kid was sick all the time and her asthma would get so bad.  We'll reevaluate whether or not we want to give her Flovent over the summer but glad we made that decision.

In the spirit or Rory update and Friday Favorites...

Rory's Five Friday Favorites:

1. Wearing her hair down with one tiny braid in it (see water bowl photo)
2. Super Why! (Not going to lie this is a nice break from Mickey!)
3. Yasso Bars (or the cold bars as she calls them, she can't seem to remember the name)

4. Dresses with sweatshirts over (Not sure how I do not have a photo of this look)
5. Taking Crazy Selfies

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