Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Girls and their Dolls

Ok, I officially give in...  

I had very strong opinions when Rory was little that I would mastermind a plan to deter Rory from playing with dolls.  I would gently steer her away from dolls.  No harm, no foul, she would find joy in some other toy like I did as a kid.  There are many reason I am not a doll fan, none of which are really all that rational, but here goes:

1. They are creepy
2. Sometimes they look too real.
3. My Little Ponies are so much better.
4. They come with too much stuff, clothes, shoes, etc.  (My Little Ponies can all share one brush).
5. They are creepy.

So I bought Rory My Little Ponies instead of dolls, stuffed animals instead of dolls, trucks instead of dolls.  I told grandparents to stay away from dolls as gifts.  But despite my efforts, my super girly dress wearing daughter LOVES dolls.  

She loves to dress her doll and bring her places.  She loves that the Bitty Baby looks like her.  She loves putting her dolls in strollers, beds, high chairs, swings.  She loves the  Bitty Baby books about her doll.  She loves the American Girl restaurant and the whole store.  She looks forward to being old enough for the Big Girl American Girl doll.

Just goes to show you that some likes and dislikes are part of your personality.  Other kids may have dolls pushed on them and not like them at all.  But my little girl despite my efforts, found her way to dolls.  So in the spirit of being positive, here are the reason I like dolls:

1. Rory loves them!
2. Rory loves to wear the same dress as her doll.
3. For some reason Rory decided to name her doll Baby Rory (its very confusing, but very cute)
4. When Baby Rory is going in the car, Big Rory is more excited to go too
5. The creepy eyes close when the doll lays down!


Funny thing is My Mom just sent me a little My Little Pony in Rory's Bubba Box.  Really, it was meant for me.  Of course, I let Rory play with it and she pretends its her Baby Rory's Toy.  That doll has great taste in toys!

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