Thursday, April 23, 2015

I am Grateful for Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger is such a good influence!  Rory was watching an episode about being Thankful and she immediately wanted to create Thank You cards for Daddy and her 2 teachers!  Although I was hesitant about Daniel Tiger at first (mainly because of the Meow Meow) I am really liking all the lessons Rory is getting from the show.  

Also, we now sing songs for everything which makes life so much more fun!  I did this when Rory was younger, so I'm glad to revisit it (i.e. We having Matching Hats song).  Its amazing how much easier it is to get Rory to do a simple task like put on her shoes, when I sing "Just say Okay" then when I ask her a different way.

Its been a little while since I have worked with her on her letters, and they do not work on this in school yet, so I was impressed that she can now write D, T, N, L and U without any help.  

I also was excited that she can draw a Sun and people that really kind of look like people.  I see them (but I watched her draw them), can you see them?

We ran out of room for Ms Anderson's name but Rory did all the letters except the A and E on her own!  So awesome!  She was so proud of herself!  (It curls around the page).

Rory was so excited to go to school this morning and bring the cards to her teachers.  She hid them behind her back and stuck her tougue out as she does when she is being shy.  Ms Pagel asked what she had and she rant up to her and said "I made you a card."  She was so excited.  All of Rory's friends sitting down eating breakfast started talking about how they were going to make them cards too.

Sidenote - Then Rory popped something in her mouth and I realized she had been holding her vitamins in her hand the entire car ride to school because she didn't want to put down the cards!

I've been thinking a lot about gratitude journals lately and was wondering if it would be worthwhile to start one with Rory, or if she is still to young.  I love the idea of it but want to make sure its something we can stick with.  Any one keep a gratitude journal with their kids?  

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