Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Meaning to Backseat Driver

I am happy that Rory knows the meaning or Red Lights, Green Lights and Yellow Lights.  I'm also happy, although a little surprised, that she notices them.  For a few months now Rory has been commenting when we are sitting at a red light "Good Job Mommy stopping at the red light."  I thank her, thinking she is being cute and funny.  Sometimes she will notice the light turn green a millisecond before I do, and proudly let me know that the light is green, "which means you can go."  

Recently Rory has also taken up an interest in Speed Limit signs.  One day she asked how fast I was going and so I explained that I was going 55 miles per hour, which was the speed limit.  I told her if she looks on the right side of the street she will see numbers on a white sign and that is the speed limit.  Well, now I have a little speed monitor.  She will notice signs and point them out "Mommy that sign says six five, is your limit six five?"  

She will also frequently ask if we are on the highway or not and point out when there is traffic.  Rory also notices many buildings and landmarks, her favorites are Abigail's school and Book club.

The one that really gets me though is turning right on red.  She gets almost angry at me every time I make a right turn at a red stop light.  Telling me "you can't go, the red light means stop."  It has gotten to the point that I am sick of explaining to her how rights on red work.  She has taken an absolute stance on Red Lights and insists I am doing it wrong.  She insists that Daddy does not make right turns at Red Lights.  Which leads me to believe that either he drives in circles counter-clockwise or Rory pays less attention in the car with Daddy.

When I was little I would imagine that there was a person running along side the car on the sidewalk jumping over and dodging everything that was in their way.  A kind of Parkour before its day.  I didn't know what street we were on, how fast we were going or anything about traffic signals.  I was in my own little world of jumping over mailboxes and ducking under tree branches.

Its one thing to have your husband or another passenger comment on your driving, but having the little 3.5 year old on constant alert has added new meaning to the term backseat driver!

Am I answering her questions too thoroughly?  Does anyone else have little backseat drivers?

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