Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quick Trip to Chicago

Rory, Tim and had a quick trip to Chicago last weekend!  Its funny because I always say we are going on a trip "home" to Rory when we are going to Chicago and it really confuses her.  Probably should stop saying that.

We left Thursday after work and made it to Tim's Parents house by 1am.  Rory fell asleep about 10 in the car and did really good on the whole trip.

Friday was a bonus day!  Rory and I went to visit my Nana.  We stayed for a while and then headed to a nearby hot dog place so I could get my Chicago Style Hot Dog.  Then we stopped by my Mom's school to visit.  Rory loved being in a big girl school and see all the classrooms.  Its crazy to think she'll be at a similar school in just a few short years.  

We went to Lou Malnati's for dinner with Bubba and GMike.  Rory had her first ever Lou's pizza - she ate an entire slice!  

Saturday was all about Annie!  We started the day out at church to celebrate her first communion.  She looked so pretty in her beautiful white dress.  We had brunch with the family then we all went our separate ways for naps the met up at Andrew's later for dinner, derby and MayPaq.

For the record I am a Mayweather fan and I was rooting for him to win.  I have watch all of his fights since Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, 11 fights  and I love his style of fighting.  He is technically a great fighter, but there is something about how he bates his opponent and how they always fall for it that I love watching.  I only wish Pacquiao would have put up a better fight to make it more exciting.

Sunday we spent a couple hours hanging out with Tim's parents and then hit the road.  Short and sweet but so fantastic to see everyone!

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