Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Webb's Birth Story

All throughout my Pregnancy I kept saying that I did not think I would make it to 40 weeks.  Rory was born 3 weeks and 3 days early.  She pretty much just came on her own, no good reason to come early she was just ready.  She was 6lbs and 8oz which is a pretty good size for an early baby, and the only sign that she was early was that she had trouble learning how to latch and swallow.
Around 32 weeks with Webb I started getting similar signs I had with Rory.  Contractions, Zingers (if you don't know, don't ask) and extreme exhaustion.  I went for my regular check up and told the doc I thought this baby would come early.  She checked me and sure enough I was 70% effaced and 1cm dilated.
She told me to take it easy, no walking, sit as much as possible.  Her exact words "I don't want to call it bed rest, but rest in bed as much as possible."
At 36 weeks I went back for another appointment and was 100% effaced and 2cm dilated.  My doc said she would no longer stop labor but that she would like baby to stay in as long as possible so to continue to take it easy.  This was Tuesday.
My contractions had lessened and I had a bit more energy.  I had convinced myself that maybe this wouldn't be like Rory and I would actually make it to 37, 38 or even 39 weeks.  I was a little more active that Wed and Thurs with my new found confidence.
We went to bed Thursday night at about 11:30pm.  I woke up at 1:30am and felt a little trickle of water and thought, Oh, no I hope I just peed myself.  Only time in your life when you hope its pee!  I sat up carefully and took the 3 steps to the bathroom and gush.  My water had broke and it was clear it was go time!
Funny thing is, the next day we had plans with our friend Cass to make a plan for when baby came.  So although we had a few people to call, we didn't exactly have a plan.  Tim went in and woke Rory up while I finished packing my hospital bag and packed an overnight bag for Rory.  We called a few friends but it was the middle of the night and baby wasn't due for 3 weeks and 5 days so no one was expecting our call.  At 2:30am we decided we had to just drive to the hospital and keep calling on the way.  My contractions started in the car but were pretty manageable.
About halfway there Cass called back.  She would be able to meet us at the hospital and grab Rory for the night and the next day.  Perfect!  To finish out the Rory side of the story, we do need to back up a bit to the day before.  At about 3pm on Thursday I got a call that Rory had to be picked up from school because she had a fever.  It was low about 101 but school policy is that she has to be picked up and can't come back till she is fever free for 24 hours. So this means she could not go to school on Friday.
When we got the hospital, Tim and Rory dropped me off in front and I went in to check in.  I didn't find out the next part till much later but as soon as I got out of the car Rory threw up everywhere!  Tim cleaned her up and Cass came pretty soon to pick up Rory.  On the way back to Cass's apt Rory threw up again on the side of the road.  Rory slept and was ok the next morning.  Rory got to go to school with Cass and hang out in a 4th grade classroom all day.  The kids wrote her Congrats notes and she loved it!  After Webb was born on Friday Tim went and picked Rory up at about noon.  She was a mess and proceeded to be sick all weekend.  Tim and Rory did great though and had some help from friends and again from Cass.  It definitely made everything a bit more hectic and complicated but in the end it all worked out.
So back to birthing story...
I got the hospital and was 5cm dilated.  They asked when I wanted my epidural and I said at about 3cm.  I wasn't in a ton of pain yet but I was afraid I'd progress super quickly and miss my window.  (Keep in mind for Rory we got to the hospital at 7:30pm and she was born at 11:45pm so I had reason to be concerned). 
They moved us from the triage room to the L&D room and started me an IV and penicillin at 3:30am.  I was positive for Strep B so they needed the penicillin to go for 4 hours before I could have the baby otherwise they'd have to do all sorts of extra tests etc to make sure it didn't pass to Webb. So that means I had to make it to 7:30am.
The anesthesiologist (From Eau Claire - small world) gave me a great Epidural.  I wish I would have remembered about the crazy shivers though.  I was super annoyed by them and for some reason really mad that I didn't remember that you get them from an epidural.  Worth it, don't get me wrong.  We watched Jersey Boys and ran through different scenarios Webb could be in in the future and how the name would hold up...Your in a big meeting and the guy across from you is named Webb, your on the playground and your friend is named Webb, etc etc.  I dozed off a little bit.  At 6:30am they checked me and I was fully dilated and ready to go.  I didn't have the urge to push though so they wanted to hold me off till that 7:30am time when the penicillin would be done. 
At 7:30 the doc came in.  She said "Do you remember how to do this?" 
I pushed 3 times and out came Webb Jaffe Husted at 7:35am.  Doc and nurses marveled at how big he was for being so early.  7lbs 9oz and 21inches.  He cried right away.  His glucose was low which we ended up giving formula for an hour later but other then that he was a healthy perfect early pre-term baby!  And to our huge relief, he breastfed well right from the very beginning.
Webb is named after his Paternal Grandma's family name Weber and his Maternal Grandma's family name Jaffe.  We just love that his name is unique and love that we get to honor our loved ones.  Bonus, there is a golfer named Webb Simpson so we continue the golf theme!

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