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Hi, I am Erica and this is my blog.  I am a new mom and I wanted to capture every good, bad, messy and gross moment of it so I decided to start this blog.  

I am a Chicagoan at heart.  I moved to Minneapolis in 2007 after literally living in the same zip code for 24 years.  I absolutely love Minneapolis though and could definitley see myself raising a family and staying right here.

My husband Tim and I got married in 2007.  We had an amazing huge wedding back in Chicago with sunflowers and dancing well into the night.  I found out I was pregnant in early Feb 2011.  I was in my fourth week training for my first full marathon.  I ran 9 miles and then took a pregnancy test.  Rory was born Sept 14, 2011. 

I am a geeky spreadsheet analyst by day.  I love my job.  It throughly keeps me challenged and I am lucky that I work at a company that is extremely flexible with time.  They are rated one of the best companies to work at for working Mother's every year.  Now I can see why.

I love running, golfing, reading, eating, sleeping, watching tv, the Chicago Bears, sushi and champagne. 

Tim an I are probably what most people would call sports nuts.  We are huge baseball, football, boxing, college basketball, golf, horse racing fans.  Ok, yes that sounds a little nuts.  We are such huge golf fans, Rory is actually named after a pro golfer Rory McIlroy.

Another big part of our life is our cat Willow!  She is about 10 years old and although she hisses at strangers, we think she is the best cat ever.  

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